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Vintage Italian Murano Art Glass Dish Bowl Compote Fish Unique Swirled Figurine | eBay

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Italian Murano Art Glass Dish Bowl Compote Fish Unique Swirled Figurine | eBay.

This is a gorgeous example of vintage glass. Very unusual and make a beautiful center piece.


Antique Vintage Blackamoor 50’s Chalkware African Nubian Figurines Sculpture | eBay

Antique Vintage Blackamoor 50’s Chalkware African Nubian Figurines Sculpture | eBay.

Chalkware is  wonderful collectible art. Most did not survive the test of time due to the soft chalk quality. This is a 3 piece set, very heavy, and beautiful. These pieces come from the 50’s. If you collect Chalkware, you will want to jump on this deal. If you are not a collector, you might want to think about starting one, they are very collectible.


Tribal Acoma Pueblo Pottery Polychrome Pot

Beautiful example of Acoma tribal pottery.  Click picture to see price.

I just love Acoma Pottery so much, I had to get a few pieces. This one I now have for sale on Ebay.  Take a look at my piece,  then read the wonderful article below on the Acoma tribe.

The Acoma Pueblo is one of the oldest still inhabited dwelling in North America.  Located approximately 80 miles west of Albuquerque, N.M., The “Sky City” of Acoma is perhaps one of the most beautiful and mystifying locations.

Acoma Pottery, with its recognizable monochrome and polychrome designs,  is some of the most beautiful American Indian (Native American) pottery  available.      Acoma Pottery

Acoma Pottery is known for its very thin walls, stylistic fluted rims,     and beautifully painted geometric designs.  Creating Acoma Pottery is a  time consuming and resource intensive venture.  From collecting the clay to the final firing, the finished product is by far some of the most beautiful Native American pottery.

The pueblo itself is located on a mesa about 370 feet above the valley floor.  Very easy to defend, it also makes life difficult.  It is  estimated that is has been inhabited as early as 1100 A.D.

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