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Christmas Cracker Chocolate Chips Muffins Recipe | Food 4 Your Mood

Source: Christmas Cracker Chocolate Chips Muffins Recipe | Food 4 Your Mood

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Easy Charming Castle Cakes with very little skill

pink cake How cute are these cakes? If you are blue cakelike me you have wonderful ideas on how to make a terrific Birthday party with the cake at the center of the theme. Now I am not without skills, I was at one time an event planner, so I want everything to be perfect. The cake, for me, is the hardest part. I usually end up braking the bank to get a professional cake made. Nowadays a professional done cake is like ordering a wedding cake and just about as expensive. Then you bite into it and the taste, ah, not like my home made. Take a look at these cute cakes you can craft with your own cake recipe, and it really is not that hard. You can get the full kit here

1948 Chrome Ashtray

$T2eC16V,!yME9s5qGr9GBR)8hk,t(g~~60_57I am such a sucker for vintage or antique things. I found this ashtray at an estate sale. A little research reveled that it is older than myself. Wow I did not know Adam and Eve smoked lol. Anyway it’s on my eBay site now and I’m sure it will sell. I will be a little sorry to see it go, but I know it needs a good home, and mine is bursting at the seams. Take a look let me know what you remember about your childhood, that is not seen much anymore.1948 Vintage Chrome Ashtray


What are you getting dad on Fathers day?

Dad will look dapper in this stunning dress hat.

Fathers day Is coming up and I’m interested in seeing what people are going to get. I like to look for unusual gifts, not the run of the mill tie. Don’t get me wrong there are lots of cool ties out there that dad would love to have, but….anyway here are a few of the cool things I have on ebay, Let me know what you think.