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BobVila – Timeline Photos

BobVila – Timeline Photos.


Anything and Everything


April 6,2013 

Well I noticed the other day how much stuff I have just shoved under my bed. Calling this space a storage place, made it seem ok. I decided today that sleeping on top of my stuff was not ok, so today is the day I remove everything from under the dark hole from where it came. The problem with getting rid of things is you have to get rid of them. I have a friend that takes everything out of a room then only puts back what she wants. That is very efficient for her.  I guess I choose sections, like under the bed, the night stand etc.. How do you clean? Have you ever analyzed your methods?  Ok back to the subject of getting rid of things. Well I have learned over time that there is an unwritten law that the minuet you get rid of something you will need it. With this thought in mind I could easily become a hoarder and end up on a reality show, so I decided the best course of action is to do what I love most and go shopping. I will get organized instead of getting rid of everything. This also gives me a day or so of decorating and putting up shelving.  Anyone see a pattern here?

This is a really cute idea that may help with the office, also check out her Delicious Spaces.

Workspace Makeover

Salt Lake City native Claudia Hanson loves to turn design inspiration into practical ideas for her home. So when she and her husband, Aaron, decided to carve a home office out of a corner of their living room, no boring desk would do. Instead, the stay-at-home mom and blogger (DeliciousSpaces.Blogspot.com) searched a local classifieds site and found a dowdy computer desk armoire for $40. Then, she spent less than $50 on paint and inexpensive extras to make it pretty—both open and closed. Get her tips for doing this yourself on the next slides.

via Home Office Armoire Makeover – Cute DIY Armoire Project – Woman’s Day.